Joint statement to denounce the racial slur from Fox News

Ten Asian-American organizations today jointly issued the following statement in reaction to the racial rant and slanderous remarks made by Fox News host Bob Beckel toward Chinese people. These organizations are 80-20 Educational Foundation, Asian Americans for Political Advancement, Asian American Voters, Boston Forward Foundation, Chinese Americans For Progress And Equality, Chinese United League, Dallas/Ft. Worth Chinese Alliance, Michigan Chinese American Alliance, Silicon Valley Chinese Association, and the Orange Club.

We denounce Bob Beckel's racial slur toward the Chinese people in the United States as well as his slanderous accusation of spy and terrorism activities. Beckel has a disturbing pattern of using racially discriminatory language on Chinese people. We demand that Beckel immediately resign or be fired by Fox News.

On Fox's program "The Five," Thursday, July 10, 2014, Beckel compared Chinese people in America to Islamic terrorists. Later he used the word “Chinamen” to refer to Chinese people at large, including Chinese Americans. The pejorative word “Chinamen” has been long and widely considered to connote a derogatory and offensive meaning. At the very last of his rant, he proceeded to give all Chinese an insulting gesture, equivalent to the “F” word. Beckel claimed all Chinese descendants, loyal American citizens or not, are spies and terrorists. He stated that after they learned computer skills in America, they then go back to China to hack into American businesses and government. (

On the following Monday, July 14, 2014, Beckel somewhat apologized to the people who were offended. No formal apology was ever issued to Chinese and Chinese Americans. (

Just last year on "The Five," Beckel had another incident where he used a racial slur on Chinese people.

Mr. Ted Lieu, a Chinese-American State Senator of California and a Congressional candidate called Beckel remarks "racist" and "xenophobic." State Senator Bob Huff, Republican Leader in the California State Senate, also released a long statement condemning Beckel’s rant. Mike Honda, Congressman from California and founder of the Congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus, said “the ignorance and hatred in his comments are repugnant.”

We, fellow Asian-American organizations, stand by Mr. Ted Lieu, Mr. Bob Huff and Mr. Mike Honda in asking Fox News to fire Bob Beckel immediately or Beckel voluntarily resign. We want to emphasize that Beckel’s accusing Chinese people in this country of being spies and terrorists is a slanderous act. Furthermore, the association of an ethnic group with a foreign country sends this nation down a dangerous path. Such association was precisely the reason behind the Japanese-American internment during World War II, a sad chapter in the history of our great country.

Please join us to fight against any defamation activities against the Chinese-American community.