Happy Chinese New Year from CAPE

Time flies.  The Year of the Horse has arrived. Chinese Americans for Progress and Equality wishes everyone a Chinese Happy New Year!
As the cries of 11.9 die away, we hear voices asking, where do we go next?
Let us ask instead: when the next Jimmy Kimmel appears, what do we need ?
We need a strong, well organized network of Chinese Americans, able to mobilize our people;
We need to establish channels of communication with mainstream media , with the ability to respond rapidly to crises;
We need to educate children and adults to improve our communication skills ;
We need to establish a stable source of funds to provide legal support ;
We need to encourage the Chinese Americans to participate in building communities and to honor our heritage.
We need to do a lot more!
Last year we said, the Jimmy Kimmel incident was just a beginning.  It awakened the Chinese immigrants to
the need to participate in democratic process, legal process and media.   Now we still say that everything is only just beginning , and we still have a long way to go.
Here, the CAPE would like to share with you a short movie, wish you and your family all happiness in the Chinese year of the Horse, by the year's most fashionable Chinese slang:  have everything right away!
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