About Us

On behalf of the Chinese Americans for Progress & Equality (CAPE), we welcome you!

CAPE is a pro-Chinese organization, created by grassroots civilians primarily in the New York and New Jersey states. 

During the months of Oct and Nov in 2013 in major cities all over America, numerous protests and demonstrations had taken place against the ABC/Jimmy Kimmel show which promoted racial hatred and massive killing of Chinese people.  This was the biggest pro-Chinese movement in the U.S. history of Chinese Americans.  This movement had been created online by grassroots civilians who, then, organized themselves to make things happen within weeks!  For the sake of protecting our civil rights and restoring our dignity, thousands of NY & NJ Chinese & Chinese Americans had selflessly contributed their time and efforts to this cause.  The following 3 demonstrations had successfully taken place :

10/28/2013 - in front of the ABC Headquarter in NYC

11/08/2013 - in front of the ABC Headquarter in NYC 

11/09/2013 - a nation-wide protest in conjunction with 20+ states in Times Square in NYC 

For a lot of Chinese and Chinese Americans, this was their first time to act upon their desire for equality and human rights in America.  These demonstrations had brought all our comrades together.  We all agreed that our pro-Chinese movement would be a difficult, but not impossible, endeavor which required years of continuous persistence.  In order to effectively and efficiently consolidate our comrades and their efforts devoted to this cause, it was decided that a grassroot organization should be set up.  As a result, with the enthusiasm and passion from the "Protest ABC/KImmel" organizing members of NY & NJ, the Chinese Americans for Progress & Equality (CAPE) is thus established with below goals:

  1. Stand up for and safeguard the civil rights of all Chinese in America;
  2. Promote cooperation and better understanding between the Chinese community and other racial/ethnic groups in the United States;
  3. Help descendants of Chinese in America to develop and progress.